Join Linda Welsh Realty Group

We are always on the lookout for seasoned agents to join out team.  We have a multi-cultural group of people who enjoy working with each other and who are long-time Austin residents. If you have at least three years of real estate experience performing at a high level, and would like to talk with us, please give Linda a call.

We provide our agents with:

  • A Personal Website for them or as part of a team*
  • A Real Estate App for searches which they can share with clients*
  • Brokermint backoffice systems for
  • transaction management
  • file retention
  • e-sign capabilities
  • Errors and Omissions Insurance
  • One on one mentoring and coaching with Broker or Manager
  • Regular meetings and classes
  • MCE Classes
  • Training on systems. Marketing, Risk Reduction
  • Vendor Information
  • Recruiting 2-2-1 opportunities to agents for Linda Welsh Realty new agent hires*
  • A generous split commensurate with production level, and experience.
  • Low cap for standard Sphere of Influence and Agent generated client transactions
  • Opportunity for Lead Access from Brokerage**
  • Opportunity for Referrals from Brokerage and to outside brokerages and areas**

  • *Some Restrictions apply ** Leads and Referrals may be outside of regular split and cap *** Co-Listings commissions agreements will be discussed on a case by case basis

    Why agents choose to join our team

    "Enthusiastic and knowledgeable support 24-7, generous commission structure, freedom to pursue the markets I love best"

    "I joined Linda Welsh Realty to focus on assisting clients with their real estate needs without all the "noise" that seemed to be the focus of the larger firms in the arena. "

    "Since working with Linda, everything I’ve done as a part of the company has involved high quality leadership, instant and ongoing support, Integrity in all matters and so much more!"

    "One of the best brokerages to work for, Linda and Leo are always available to help their agents. You can make a great living selling Real Estate for Linda Welsh Realty."

    "What I like best about LWR is the family atmosphere and the boutique feel of a smaller brokerage."

    "I love working for Linda Welsh Realty.  Linda provides a calm voice of help and education.  She is always willing to answer my calls and take us all to the next level of success."

    "joined Linda Welsh Realty because my wife and I started as clients. We got to see first hand the care and attention that Linda gave to her clients. She was very responsive whenever we had any questions, was so knowledgeable about the Austin market, and genuinely cared not only about what house my wife and I were going to buy, but how we were doing going forward."

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    Linda Welsh Realty

    Linda Welsh Realty

    Our office is located at 3801 North Capital of Texas Highway #Ste E 240 - 412.
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